Wild Hearts Club (for Women of GJ)

Third Saturday of each month: 2019

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The monthly book study or the flex-schedule activities that are being coordinated are open to all women. Check back at this column or sign up (on the HOME page of this site) to receive the newsletter as announcements are made. Several books and authors were shared by the group. It's likely our personal growth will be exponential as we move forward. Join us anytime.  We meet 10:15 a.m. to Noon at Unity Church of Grand Junction (3205 N. 12th Street, GJ 81506). ***Third Saturday of the month.***

A love offering is collected for the church to defray rental costs for the meeting space. Bring your coffee/tea/water, a notepad, and your enthusiasm for growth. We look forward to getting to know you.

BACKGROUND:  In the work by Brene' Brown, Braving the Wilderness, she writes about people having a "strong back. soft front. wild heart." in their journey of courage and vulnerability... to "stand alone and brave the criticism, fear, and hurt." She also states that while "a wild heart is not something you can always see... it is our greatest spiritual possession."

This, then is the inspiration and your invitation to a journey into the wilderness of life with other like-minded, strong women to become braver together, grow in spiritual awareness, and have fun. You are invited to participate in a women's group known as "Wild Hearts Club"  (for Grand Junction Women).

Call it a vision or a mission or a purpose, but let's start with these ideas in mind:

  • to encourage self-awareness and personal growth in one another
  • to engage in community events and encourage the personal interests of group members
  • to learn together how to be brave
  • to be creative
  • to have fun

Wild Hearts Women are encouraged to meet at least twice each month:

  • one time as a discussion group on a book or topic we're exploring
  • one time to attend a local community event (public or hosted privately by one of our members)

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments to help us go forward, contact me at:  or  303.358.0069.

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